I pledge to consistently create space, to make sure voices are heard and concerns are taken into account, to support growth, goals and beliefs, to recognise full potential and never limit talents


I pledge to actively work towards creating an equitable and inclusive world for all genders. I will continue to advocate for positive practices that promote gender equity


I pledge to uplift women in the IT workplace with an attitude of equality and inclusivity, and to highlight and call out toxic attitudes in the workplace that may turn women and marginalised groups away


I pledge to always strive towards creating a safe space for womxn, where voices can be heard loud, clear and free of judgement and oppression


I pledge to understand the severity of being placed in a position where I have to be a representative, especially for people of marginalised groups, that when I do represent that I represent honestly and truthfully


I pledge to support women in the workplace and promote equity and diversity through all facets of my work and personal engagements


I pledge to be a safe space for people to come and be vulnerable


I pledge to step up and fight for a seat at the table for woman in tech, and to uplift those who think they don't belong


I pledge to recognise and acknowledge my own implicit bias and call myself out as well as encourage others to call themselves out


I pledge to champion a BBD that is more diverse, equitable, and inclusive


I pledge to treat people as individuals and be impartial to qualities like gender, race and religion


I believe if a person has the desire to excel, no one can stop them from achieving it, so I pledge to keep that desire igniting in every individual I am working with


I pledge that I will leverage the privileges which I have received in life to uplift and empower those around me regardless of how they identify, their sex, race or age


I pledge to champion equality in all spheres of my life and utilise every opportunity to drive equity; finding ways to personally support and encourage diversity. I pledge to speak up for those who can’t always speak for themselves, so that their voice and talents are recognised and heard


I pledge to educate myself and others about the systemic barriers that women face, and advocate for practices that promote gender equality


I pledge to drive equality and opportunity for the success of all in BBD


I pledge to see the each person for who they are, in every way that means. I pledge to remember that inclusion is an everyday consideration that needs that I keep in mind in all my business and personal decisions


I pledge to own my space and voice and find opportunities to amplify the voices of those around me


I pledge to drive for greater diversity, inclusion and opportunity on merit by combating bias and having a recognition of unconscious bias in our daily interactions


I pledge to challenge biases and to be accepting, empathetic and respectful to all beings


I pledge to further educate myself on gender disparities and to be more actively engaged in conversations around gender equality


I pledge to speak up against bias, discrimination, and stereotypes


I am committed to promoting equality and respect for all individuals and believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity, and have access to equal opportunities and resources


I pledge to promote equality by supporting individuals of all genders, to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed


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